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Have Kids, Will Travel

Posted on November 19 2017

Travelling with children can be tough, especially around the holidays. But if you are prepared for your trip there is nothing to worry about and traveling can be hassle-free. As an added bonus, some of these items will make your kiddo look and feel extra cool, and we all need that sometimes!  

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  1. Ultra-Light Down Parka, $38

This is an essential for travelers of any age. Down parkas are great because they are totally packable, and can be squished down to fit even in the most cramped bag. This one is amazing because it comes in a ton of different colors and it has a hood, so there will be no cold ears on your trip!


  1. Cozy Kids Beanie, $12

At this rate, your kid is going to have better accessories than you do! It’s always smart to keep a hat handy for the little ones, because you never know where your travels will take you or how the temperature will change. These beanies come in all different colors, so you can make sure the whole outfit matches.


  1. Colorful Headphones, $28

Let your kid feel like a real grownup with these over ear headphones. You can be sure your kid’s hearing is protected, and you also don’t have to listen to whatever irritating show they’re watching. Definitely a win-win.


  1. Headphone Splitter, $5

This headphone splitter will keep everyone entertained for the whole trip! Now kids can watch movies or listen to music together, and these headphone splitters can be connected to one another for unlimited listeners. We won’t tell if you buy one for yourself!


  1. Rocket Backpack, $48

Honestly, I kind of want this as a Christmas present for myself. Make any trip an out of this world space mission with this backpack! There’s even a little window so they can be sure their stuffed animals don’t miss the adventure!


  1. Kids Aviators, $10

How you doing, stud? These sunglasses keep the sun out of their eyes, and their coolness factor at a level 10. Keep on rocking!


  1. Cloud Placemat, $10

It’s no joke—kids are messy. This BPA free silicone placemat folds up, can be wiped down or stuck in the dishwasher. No more searching for napkins, or hoping that the kids won’t make an embarrassing mess in a restaurant. Take this guy with you wherever you go!


  1. Kids Camera Tee, $15

We can’t get over how adorable this shirt is! Let your child feel like the family photographer on your trip with this shirt. Perfect for the little adventurer out there!



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