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Ok, But First Coffee Plush Fleece Robe



A plush fleece robe featuring two oversized front pockets and removable waist belt. Rest and relaxation begin the moment you slip into one! Embroidered text reads "Ok, But First Coffee."

All The Things

  • Material: 100% polyester fleece
  • Fit: One size fits most
  • Length: 44" long and falls just below the knee
  • Care: Machine wash




      Wrap yourself in cozy indulgence with our "Ok, But First Coffee" Plush Fleece Robe. Crafted from luxurious fleece and featuring a playful embroidered message, this robe is perfect for coffee lovers who cherish comfort. Ideal for lazy mornings or winding down after a long day, it combines warmth with a touch of humor. Embrace relaxation with the "Ok, But First Coffee" Plush Fleece Robe and start your day with style and comfort.

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