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Gilded Edge Ceramic Coaster



Gilded Edge Ceramic Coaster

Set of four ceramic coasters with marble pattern and gold-lacquered detailing.  Rubber dots on the bottom protect tabletops and other surfaces from scratches.  Like all pieces crafted of natural materials, each coaster is unique.

All The Things:


  • Round- 9.8*9.8*0.7CM

  • Square- 9.3*9.3*0.7CM

  • Hexagon- 9.3*9.3*0.7CM




Enhance your tabletops with our Gilded Edge Ceramic Coaster. Featuring a luxurious design with gilded edges, these coasters add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any setting. Perfect for protecting surfaces while complementing your decor, they're an essential addition to your home or office. Embrace style and functionality with our Gilded Edge Ceramic Coaster set and elevate your hosting experience with effortless charm.

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