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Badass LED Neon Sign



Badass LED Neon Sign

Light up your home with fun-loving vibes when you turn on this colorful "badass" neon sign.

All The Things

  • Dimensions: 15" wide x 10" tall x 1" deep

  • Power: 5V USB plug

  • Cord Length: 59"

  • Material: PVC + Acrylic

  • Hanging hardware & USB wall adapter not included


Make a bold statement with our Badass LED Neon Sign. This eye-catching piece features vibrant LED lighting that brings a rebellious yet stylish vibe to any space. Perfect for adding attitude and personality to bedrooms, game rooms, or bars, it's sure to spark conversation and admiration. Embrace your bold side with the Badass LED Neon Sign and elevate your decor with its edgy charm.

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